Orthotics Insoles and Arch Supports


Foot arched streamline design, perfectly fit for your foot.

To adjust the foot bones by change the point to bear your body weight.

Helps to correct the flat foot, Hallux Valgus, arch collapse, pigeon-toed, splayed feet, and more.

Soft and buffered experience, minimize the stress of your muscle and bones.

Synthesis of silver and nanoparticles, has excellent antibacteria, sweat absorption, deodorization effect.


Using Tips:

1. Choose the size that fits your foot best. At the earlier stage, please use the "LOW" arch chip. Then change the chip according to your orthotic process.

2. Stick to wear it for 2-8 hours a day. The longer the better.



Item Type: Orthotic Insoles

Material: Synthesis of silver and nanoparticles

Color: As picture


S :37-39

M : 40-42

L : 43-46


Include : 1 X Pair of Orthotic Insoles and Arch Supports

Category: cool home product

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