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The steam case allowes for easy,delicious steamed,oven or microwave preparations
Foods are cooked in their own juice or steam ,enhancing their original and genuine aromas
and preserving all nutrients
Healthy Cooking bowl Lunch Box
The steam case allows for easy, delicious steamed, oven or microwave preparations cooking food cooked in their own juice and preserving all nutrients
Food is cooked at the perfect temperature (between 200F and 212F),
preserving the highest amount of vitamins and minerals
The shape of the case lets the steam circulate for faster, easier cooking; Dishwasher safe
functionality and design that will surprise you with a wide range of tools to make cooking, preparation, preservation, baking and freezing easier.
Form Spain Buyer Feedback:

A kitchen gadget that definitely useful

I love the steam case!

I know some people will say you can use parchment or steam bags

but why keep spending money when I can buy this once and use it over and over and both in the microwave and the oven.

I have other steamers - the bamboo steamer, steamer bags, and rice cooker/steamer combo

but this is so much easier to reach for, use, and clean and put away after use.

I\'ve been able to make perfect fish every time and who knew that chicken cooked in the microwave could be so delicious!

It\'s very easy to clean. I\'ve hand washed it and placed in the dishwasher with no problem.

I\'ve cooked up to about 400 degrees using the steam case in the oven and the times

and temperatures seem relatively close to what they would be if you didn\'t use a case and was just following a recipe.

Microwave times can very based on the watts of your microwave so start on the cautious side with the lower time and heat more as needed.

I tend to season my food with ground spices immediately after it\'s done in the steam case and close the lid again for a few seconds before eating.

It\'s perfect for cooking for 1 to 2 people. This will definitely be a steamer I\'ll use over and over because of its ease of use.


Material:high quality silicone

Color:Color Random 

SIZE:26 * 13 * 7cm

Package Include:1 pcs

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